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I am rep that they hired to do Costco Roadshows and they owe $376. Someone else posted this complaint:

Let's give honor to the other masters of deception besides Michelle Seghini.I would like to nominate Andy Farra, Kristie McDaniel Tisdale, Alexa Noelle Attridge Raddon, Madison Nicole Smith and Chelsea Boudle Forsman for shared honors in recruiting independent contractors that they considered disposable entities.

Use them up until you can't *** them into working another show and then move on to fresh bodies, there's always another sucker out there to recruit...right? Who cares if these people worked hard under contract to earn money to buy groceries, pay the rent or put gas in their cars to get to Costco to work for you? Oh, and let's not forget Steven Seghini as were handing out honors? Did I forget anyone?

There must be some guilty parties within Costco who have supplied Smart Pro info and continued to protect them over all this time.

It's interesting that when you tell friends/family that you haven't been paid for working a roadshow...the 1st thing people say is to "let Costco know".

The public has so much faith that Costco is ethical and would not allow use of unethical staffing companies to continue.To all the reps that have tried to contact Costco vendor operations...what do you have to say about that???

Find FB page "If You haven't Been Paid From Smart Professional ,UT (Roadshow) Join"

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is Natalie Brown. I am from New york City I have worked with smartprofessionals since 2014.

They owe me 400 dollars. I have not heard form them since december of 2015.

I hope they finde these people.


Andy you were great. Sad that it came down this way.

Jeanine also she worked so hard and got nowhere. Hope they have a concept of what they did to us all.


My name is Andy, I was responsible for hiring new reps to work trade show events. However, I had no role in payment distribution and once it got so out of hand I left the company.

The wrongdoing of this company surpasses my morals and values and feel terrible for being involved with something this dramatic.

I apologize for all the stress and anger it has brought to you and everyone else.

If it makes you feel any better, I am also owed a substantial amount of $2,776.


Your headline states that they owe $76k but you don't say anything that backs up that number... not that I find it unbelievable or even unlikely.

I just was interested in reading more evidence.

Your loss of $376 is a lot less than $76k. I agree that they are scammers; I don't buy into the concept of Costco being part and parcel to it, mainly because my local Costco shut down two of their shows due to rep complaints of non-payment.

to Anonymous #1127348

Actually we now have indications that Smart-Pro likely owes over $150,000 to over 100 reps. Here is the breakdown from the reps that have shared a details of their unpaid scheduled work at Costcos:

ST #Reps Unpaid$

AZ 2 $ 8,630

CA 33 $ 61,599

CO 1 $ 233

DE 2 $ 2,482 IL 2 $ 976 IN 1 $ 2,744 MD 6 $ 7,443 MI 2 $ 2,952 MN 6 $ 3,136 NJ 1 $ 1,744 NY 2 $ 2,092 OR 5 $ 6,108 PA 5 $ 3,120 TX 1 $ 288 UT 2 $ 5,500 VA 2 $ 8,609 WA 9 $ 11,898 WI 1 $ 2,108 Total: 83 $ 131,661

to SPJustice Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1127426

NM 2 10 day events and a setup and wrap up from last November

to SPJustice Langley, Washington, United States #1177032

I am owed over 8000.00 Washington State


Since you provided the phone number, I texted a request for my 1099; I did eventually get paid, but pointed out their responsibility to submit 1099's even if they are, as I suspect, no longer operating a staffing concern.


The Facebook page does not seem to exist. I copied/pasted exactly what you typed and nothing was found.

Arizona, United States #1110128

Steve Seghini is the owner of Smart-professionals and the so called pay roll company that is responsible for paying the reps.

No doubt Michelle Seghini is a habitual crook.

I have found Steve Seghini number online

Im sure he would love to hear from everyone

801 635 6775

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