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They owe me 560... and have put me in the street and this girl and her cohorts are still very much in business...along with 2 more new buddies..Sharon and Suzannah in Austin texas...

Why has nothing been done?

I came to them through a girl who was involved with

a Pyramid health product called LE-VEL..

I was paid the first show and against my own better judgment went in for a second. It has been my momentary undoing.

Will do what i can to file charges and complaints just for satisfaction of doing what i can ...

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Glen Ellyn, Illinois, United States #1145348

There is a class action suit with over 80 people against them.

to jennifer San Juan Capistrano, California, United States #1211103

How do I get information on this class action suit? I would like to be a part of it since I am owed $4000 from Smartpro.


Contact SmartProfessionalsJustice (at) gmail (dot) com


If you worked inside a Costco. We called costco corp office every other day.

Look for the number listed under for venders. They will call the vender reva wear or JAH and make them call smart.

Every time you call Costco the vender gets a call. Call IRS 1-800-829-1040 ext 2 then ext 3 they will send out paperwork.


If you worked inside a costco. Call the costco corp office under the venders number.

They will help you. I had to call IRS about 1099.

1-800-829-1040 ext 2 then 3. They will contact and send you a form.


Call Costco Corp. office.

We called every other day until we got paid.

Now I am trying to get the 1099.

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